Help With Resumes and Employment Assistance in Greenville, SC

For anyone who has ever been laid off, or simply spent a period of time without gainful employment, finding work can be a full-time job in and of itself.

Between spending time trying to hunt down open positions at local businesses, figuring out how best to apply (In-person? Online? Email?), trying to keep your resume up-to-date (Do they still want you to add a Skills section?), and worrying over your performance in interviews (Should I have answered that last question differently?), you may find yourself frustrated, concerned, and watching days tick by with no luck and no new job.

How We Help

We’ll work with you to help you find open positions in the line of work you’re most interested in pursuing, prepare for difficult interviews by talking over what questions may be asked and how to answer them, and connect you to local employers looking to hire for fair-wage jobs.

Employment Assistance Process

Give us a call at (864) 967-2022 for more information about employment services at CCS.