About the Center for Community Services in Simpsonville, South Carolina

The Center for Community Services has been located here in the Golden Strip since 1997. We took over what was once Bryson Elementary School and have worked hard to put together a multi-service community center offering our vibrant southern Greenville County community access to the essential human services and continuing education that allow them to succeed.

Who Does CCS Help?

The short answer is, we’re here to help just about anyone who need a hand.

We’ve worked with families who lost everything in a fire and needed some short-term support to get back on their feet. Individuals who have lost jobs have utilized our job-skills, resume assistance, and other job-search services to help them find future employment or even change careers. We’ve helped new parents who are uncertain and worried about caring for a newborn or young infant and provided them with assistance and a supportive community to help their family thrive.

Local residents suffering from chronic health problems, but without the income needed to pay for the care they need, may come to us for ongoing medical care. Families unable to afford dental services have been able to get cavities filled and regular cleanings to help their children stay healthy.

Our GED preparation services have helped local residents to qualify for new, better-paying careers they never imagined they’d have access to, and our English as a second language (or ESL) courses have helped families simplify the process of learning a new language. Translation services can help to bridge the communications gap, helping our international community to sign up for much-needed services they might otherwise have a hard time accessing.

What is the mission of CCS?

It’s our mission to help the southern Greenville County community to build a strong foundation to change their current circumstances and go from just barely surviving to truly thriving through support, education, and assistance.

We also maintain a list of our currently offered programs and services you may be interested in:

For any other information you may need, give us a call! We would love to speak with you. You can reach us by phone at (864) 967-2022 or contact us online today!

The most important fact about the Center for Community Services is simply that we’re here to help.